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Healthcare Professionals

"Outstanding! By objectively covering both sleep training and co-sleeping, this program provides essential information for new and expectant parents."
- Dr. Lester Luz, Pediatrician, San Francisco, CA

"Your video surpasses every other home guide in its detailed coverage of early sleep issues. Every hospital and birthing center should provide this video to all new parents in their send home package, before they go home with their baby."
- Marilyn A. Bosis, R.N.

"One of the best parenting videos I've ever seen. Full of information, support and help for families dealing with sleep issues. A great resource!"
- Heather Halprin, Child Development Specialist

"As a childbirth educator, I liked your program a great deal and found the presentation complete and well balanced. I am planning on using the video in all my classes."
- Chantel DeSoto, Scotts Valley, CA

"As a nurse, lactation consultant and mother of two, I found "Sleep Like A Baby" to be a wonderful, well-rounded resource. I feel every new and expectant parent would benefit from seeing this video."
- Nancy Held, RN, MS, IBCLC


"In the 24/7 world of newborn care, the first goal most parents strive toward is getting their baby to sleep through the night. This award-winning video is highly recommended for new-parent support groups, expectant parents, and prenatal educators."
- Liane Thomas, Video Reviewer,

"Sleep Like A Baby" is a wonderful departure from the rest of the quick fix baby-sleep aids. It offers a variety of choices without playing favorites and without casting judgment. It should be on the viewing list of every new parent."
- Bruce Kluger, Columnist, USA Today

"Aimed at new and expectant parents, this well balanced production features sleep specialists and child psychologist who examine the two most popular infant sleep methods. A racially diverse group of parents share their frustrations and successes with both sleep programs. Parents desperate for a night's sleep will find this reassuring program a lifesaver."
- Candance Smith, Video Reviewer, Northern

"Informative, entertaining and practical. Expectant parents will know what lies ahead. Sleep deprived new parents can rest assured: help is available."
- Parents' Choice Foundation


"The video was full of valuable information and was such a big help with my daughter. My husband and I just didn't think of all the options that were available until we watched it."
- Joan C., Norwalk, CT

"I found the video very helpful. I thought it was balanced and treated both the sleep training and co-sleeping methods equally. I have recommended it to other families who are deciding how to raise their children." - Anne B., Greenville, NC

"What helped the most is to see actual parents discussing both the pros and cons of their approach. Also, the video did not suggest that one way is better than the other. We parents are already worrying enough about "doing the right thing."
- Ingrid P., Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Finally a treatment of the subject of babies and sleep that aims to help parents instead of espousing a particular ideology. How refreshing to see something that doesn't make parents feel guilty, but actually presents them with options."
- Dan F., San Francisco, CA

"Now that bedtime isn't such a stressful situation, we feel calmer and our son seems to be picking up on our energy. So the whole family is benefiting from resolving this issue."
- Sarah S., Burlington, VT

"This is the best tool we found to help us decide the right sleep approach for our family."
- Mark S., Irvington, NY

"This video recognizes that different families and babies will have different realities, requirements, tolerance levels, attitudes, etc. around sleep issues. And there's good racial diversity in the video, too something all too lacking in parenting media. This would be a great gift for new parents."
- Naomi W., San Francisco, CA

"The most important thing that I got out of the video was knowing whatever you choose is the right thing for your family. This reinforces a parent's confidence in believing in their own choice, and relaxing in the knowledge that mother and father know best."
- Sonja M., Suisun, CA

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